Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020

What the new 2019 iPhone will be called?

What the new 2019 iPhone will be called?

It is just a few months that Apple has launched its three new models of iPhone – iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS but the rumours about the upcoming 2019 iPhone were surfacing on the internet for a very long time.

There have been several rumors in the social media network about the launch of the new iPhone. If someone says 2019 iPhone new model will be available in three different sizes, others say that the new model of iPhone will have OLED and LCD displays Apple pencil support and upgraded TrueDepth camera in it.

It has been said by most of the people that new model of iPhone will be released by the company in the second week of September 2019. It is mostly seen that iPhone is released on Tuesday to be more specific.

So the people are assuming that Apple will continue their tradition this year as well and they most likely launch new iPhone on Tuesday in the second week of September 2019 that may be on 10th of September. But note that all these are predictions and no date is officially fixed by the company.new 2019 iPhone

Prediction on the Name of the new 2019 iPhone

The previous series of iPhone is already named as iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS. Now the biggest question is what will be the name of the new iPhone series. Some people predict that it will be iPhone XI while some others say it will be iPhone X2.

But if you see traditionally you will find that Apple always used to provide the sequential number in their series. However, Apple has changed this tradition of using the sequential number in 2017 when they introduced iPhone X.

Again in 2018, they had introduced iPhone XR, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS. That means instead of using the numerical digit they are using alphabets in their X brand. So it is slightly difficult to predict whether they will be using numerical digit or alphabet in their next model of iPhone.

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It will become clear in the coming months when there will be some more information about the launching of the next iPhone series. Till then we can only do the guesswork and nothing can be said with surety.

What are the other rumours and expectations from the new 2019 iPhone series?

 It is predicted that the design of the iPhone that will be launched in 2019 will get change once again. The looks of iPhone XS is well accepted by most of the people but still, there are some people who will like to change a little change in the design.

Most importantly the notch that was there in the iPhone XS model should be reduced a little if not completely removed.

No matter, whatever the design may be but the most important concern is the feature that the new iPhone will come up. It is very essential to have waterproofing, glass or metal material in this new model.

It is recently heard that Sony has supplied the camera sensor to many giant tech companies and Apple is one of them. As per a report, it is heard that the new 3D camera sensor of Sony will have the ability to power both the front and rare camera.

So, most of the people are expecting that both the front and rare camera of new iPhone will have a 3D sensor. However, Apple had already launched 3D sensor in the front camera in its iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max series.

Maybe this time it is a rear camera too that will be having a 3D sensor. But it is true that3D camera sensor of Sony is totally different from what Apple had provided with TrueDepth camera. It has some different technique which is called as Time of Flight (ToF).

In this technology, the camera sensor will have the capacity to send the invisible infrared pulse and it can also calculate the time that is taken by the light to bounce back for recreating the image.

This technology was not available in the last series of Apple iPhone, i.e. iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max series. With the help of this technology, it will become possible for the user to capture a more precise and detailed picture.

Apart from this, there are several other rumours that are going on with the launching of a new series of iPhone. Some people believe that Apple with going with the same size screen as what is there in the current model.

But some people say that Apple will come up with three different sizes this time. Again according to some people Apple will combine the feature of FaceID sensor and front camera sensor in their new iPhone series.

However, this happens it is not sure how this will work. Neither people are saying much about it. But whatever be the case maybe it is for sure that the resolution of the camera will certainly increase.

It is predicted that in the next series of iPhone the resolution of the camera will increase from the current 12-megapixels to 14-megapixels.

Thus it is seen that a lot of prediction is done by people all over the world about the launching of the next iPhone. But nothing has been announced officially from apple till now and whatever we are listening in the social media network are mostly rumours and there is no originality in it.

All that you are listening are prediction and expectation that people have in their mind. So, until and unless there has been any official statement nothing can be said about the name, features, looks, price or launching date of the next series of iPhone.

Better we should wait for the time when Apple will come up with their official announcement and everything will be clear at that time. However, it is human nature to gossip on the things that they like and spread rumors. So, whatever you listen it’s better not to pay heed to them as nothing can be said clearly until there is an official statement.