Thursday, 23 Jul 2020

What new iPhone will be called ? iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S?

iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S?

There has been rumors around the globe whether new iPhone will be called iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S. According to some rumors surfacing at top technology blogs, the new iPhone  could be called iPhone 8 because the company is going to celebrate 10th anniversary of iPhone next year however if we see the trend that company has been following for years, the new iPhone should be called iPhone 7S and not iPhone 8.

The trend of releasing “S” moniker has been a long lasting trend and we have seen it since the release of iPhone 3G S which was released in June 2009. Since then the company has announced 4S, 5S and 6S just after iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 respectively.

But this time the occasion is special and the company will do something special with new iPhone and jumping straight to name it as iPhone 8 is one of special thing about it.

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It does make sense to name it as iPhone 8 not the iPhone 7S because the “S” version is considered to be just the upgraded version but the company wants to make the 10th anniversary iPhone the best iPhone ever in the history.

The new iPhone will have a great design, super faster processing system, upgraded RAM, Camera and battery.

According to latest rumors, the iPhone 8 (or the iPhone 7S) will be ceramic made which will make it scratch resistant and give premium look in the hand of the customers.

iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S

Speaking about the other rumors, new iPhone may ditch home button this time and make the screen space a bit bigger than its predecessor. The company was rumored to be eliminating home button from iPhone 7 but the rumors comes out to be false and the iPhone 7 launched with a home button.

The current iPhone 7 is made water and dust proof to IP67 standards but some of the devices in the market is protected to IP68 standards which is about being one step ahead. It is expected that new iPhone 8 will be protected to IP68 standards.

The other expected specification of iPhone 8 (or iPhone 7S) are:

Display Size  4.7 (for iPhone 8 or 7S) and 5.5 (for iPhone 8 plus or 7S plus)
Material Ceramic
Primary Camera 15 megapixel
Secondary Camera 8 megapixel
RAM 3GB (iPhone 8), 4GB (iPhone 8 Plus)
Processor (CPU) Octo-core, 2.7 Ghz
Chip A11
Battery 3500 mAh
Colors Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, Matte Black, Jet Black



iPhone 8 price

As far as the pricing of iPhone 8 (or iPhone 7S) is concern, there are several rival in the market which are offering premium comparable devices at a reasonable price and it makes the company to price new iPhone accordingly. However, the customers of iPhone are totally different and they are ready to spend whatever amount for purchasing new iPhone.

Based on the pricing of predecessor and the market trend, the iPhone 8 can be priced anywhere between $700-$800 for the basic model (32 GB) in the united state however the price may vary in different countries based on country’s taxation and other policies.

For 128 GB model, the customer would have to spend few extra bucks. It may go upto $1000 for 256 storage model in the united state without contract.

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