Friday, 17 Jul 2020

iPhone 8 price in USA, UK, Canada, Australia

What is the price of iPhone 8 in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and in the markets of other countries is question that people will ask next year in the month of September when the company will announce the most anticipated smartphone of the year 2017. 

The 2017 will mark 10th anniversary of iPhone and I’m sure the company will have lots of surprises for its customers in terms of price, storage model, exchange etc however these are just the prediction as we are way far away from having hands on iPhone 8.
Talking about the release date of iPhone 8, Apple may unveil the iPhone 8 along with its sibling iPhone 8 Plus in the first/second week of September next year however there is no official confirmation regarding the same.

iPHone 8 Price in USAWhy I’m expecting iPhone 8 (and iPhone 8 Plus) will be announced in September next year; one – because of festive season, two-the trend company has been following.

Based on my analysis and secondary data which I’ve collected from various online resources, below are the expected price of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus of different storage model in different countries:

iPhone 8 price in USA, UK, Australia, Europe, Canada, UAE

Model Storage USA UK Australia
iPhone 8 32 GB $700-800 £600-650 AU$1050-1100
  128 GB $800-900 £650-700 AU$1200-1300
  256 GB $900-950 £700-800 AU$1350-1400
iPhone 8 Plus 32 GB $800-850 £750-800 AU$1250-1300
  128 GB $900-950 £800-850 AU$1300-1400
  256 GB $950-1050 £800-850 AU$1400-1500

Price in Canada, UAE, Europe

Model Storage Canada UAE Europe
iPhone 8 32 GB CAD 900-1000 AED 2500-3000 Euro 649-749
  128 GB CAD 1000-1149 AED 3000-3300 Euro 749- 849
  256 GB CAD 1200-1299 AED 3300-3549 Euro 849-900
iPhone 8 Plus 32 GB CAD 1000-1169 AED 3000-3300 Euro 749- 849
  128 GB CAD 1200-1250 AED 3300-3350 Euro 849-900
  256 GB CAD 1300-1350 AED 3350-3850 Euro 900-1000

The above said price are the prediction and may vary for different models and for different countries. Every country has different taxation policy and other rules and regulations that contributes to the pricing of iPhone in different countries.

The price you have to pay for iPhone 8 in the US will be completely different than USD equivalent of currency of a particular country because of above said reasons.

Talking about the specification, I’m sure to celebrate the special occasion of 10th anniversary, the company is going make it super powerful packed with latest hardware and the software such as new iOS 11, improved SIRI, addition of apps at iTune etc.

The iPhone 8 is said to be using Zirconium Ceramics according to iTechPost and have super powerful camera. As far as the megapixel count of primary and secondary camera of iPhone 8 is concern, the company may increase it to 15 MP (primary) and 8 MP (secondary).


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